1837 W. Alabama St. Houston, TX 77098 Map It
  • Address:
    1837 W. Alabama St.
    Houston, TX 77098
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This confectionary charmer offers made-to-order "candy cakes" and a vast array of retro sweets.

Vibrant and overwhelming in the best possible way, this candy store dazzles first-timers with a kaleidoscope blast of bubble gum-pink walls bursting with seemingly every candy brand. This cozy business appeals to young and old with an expansive array of retro candy, contemporary favorites, gourmet originals and 55 varieties of Jelly Bellies. The shop will order anything that isn't in stock.

Harry Potter Jelly Bellies? Got 'em. They also stock 21 varieties of M&Ms, 16 different Haribo Gummies flavors and a Wonka-esque assortment of mints, novelty candy, chocolates and more. Candylicious is perhaps best known for the multilevel "cakes" and centerpiece topiaries that artfully ascend their built-to-order pedestal frames in brands and flavors of your choosing. Prices start at $55.

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