Houston Heights

Carter & Cooley Company Delicatessen

375 West 19th Street Houston, TX 77008 Map It
  • Address:
    375 West 19th Street
    Houston, TX 77008
  • Phone:
    (713) 864-3354

As a historical landmark in the Heights neighborhood, Carter & Cooley Company Delicatessen is more than just a delicatessen - it's a part of Houston history.

The Simon Lewis Building, constructed in 1921, has been home to the deli since April 4, 1989. Named after D. D. Cooley and Oscar Martin Carter, known as the "Father of Houston Heights" and "Founder of Houston Heights" respectively, has changed little since its inception, sticking with the long loved classics that keeps locals lining up.

Sandwiches are stacked tall and custom made to order.
With dozens of options, from tuna patty melts to Reuben classics, diners will need both hands and a large appetite. Don't forget to select sides like egg and potato salad to round out the meal, along with classic cakes and ice cream.

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