Cecil's Tavern

600 W Gray St Houston, TX 77019 Map It
  • Address:
    600 W Gray St
    Houston, TX 77019
  • Phone:

This wall-to-wall carpeted pub is the type of place where older brothers bring their younger brothers for their first pint. The dimly lit setting blends the atmospheres of a traditional English pub and a large study. The mood matches the bookish nature of most of the crowd. Whether they're perusing the latest issue of the Press or a compendium of Rimbaud's poetry, they're introverted but eager to talk when approached.

A diverse working-class set vies for coveted space at the three pool tables. Dart boards are also available and easier to get a hold of. Off in the corner, couples snuggle on the large sectional couch. The jukebox may not be as good as it once was, but many still consider it the best in town--it spotlights local talent as well as established favorites.

Hours: Open Daily 4pm-2am

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