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Comalito is more than just a taqueria; it is a culinary homage to the vibrant taquerias of Ciudad de México, where passion and technique converge to create an authentic and unparalleled dining experience. Each bite at Comalito is a celebration of tradition, rooted in the rich culinary heritage of Mexico.

At the heart of their commitment to authenticity is the traditional nixtamalization method—a millenary process that transforms corn into the foundation of a good taco. They proudly source endemic, organic heirloom corn from central Mexico, where it undergoes the meticulous process of nixtamalization. This process, involving cooking and grinding the corn, results in the creation of their signature tortillas—thin, flavorful, and distinctive. The name "Comalito" itself pays homage to the ancient practice of cooking corn tortillas on a comal, and it is this commitment to tradition that sets them apart.

To complement the exquisite flavors of their tacos, we craft six unique salsas in-house daily. These salsas, made with locally sourced peppers and spices, add a burst of freshness and complexity to every bite, drawing inspiration from the diverse and vibrant culinary landscape of Mexico. Their dedication to thoughtfully sourced ingredients ensures that every element of our menu reflects the authenticity and quality that define Comalito. The culinary journey at Comalito begins from sun up to sun down, offering a tempting array of tacos and pastries for breakfast. The plancha is kept hot, ensuring that every tortilla is perfectly cooked and every taco is a masterpiece.

Comalito invites guests to indulge in a true al pastor experience—a savory, marinated delight that captures the essence of Mexican street food. Their mezcal bar beckons with authentic Mexican mixes, providing a refreshing way to savor the rich flavors of our cuisine. Whether you're toasting to good food or reveling in the company of friends, Comalito promises an immersive and unforgettable dining experience—a journey to the heart of Mexico, right in the heart of Houston.

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