Concura Italian Bites

4340 Westheimer Rd. #150 Houston, TX 77027 Map It
  • Address:
    4340 Westheimer Rd. #150
    Houston, TX 77027

Concura Italian Bites, a contemporary eatery founded on tradition, is nestled just west of Highland Village. Concura – meaning “with care” in Italian – is a passion project by Italian fashion and design consultant, Jessica Biondi, who was raised on traditional Italian family gatherings and cooking in Fano, Marche.

Biondi describes the menu as an exploration of the less discovered regions of Italy and wants to showcase the true meaning for the Italian way of life through Concura’s offerings. The vibrant Italian restaurant will have a sophisticated atmosphere and menu structure similar to a modern restaurant you would find tucked away in Italy. The menu will feature small and large plates encouraging guests to share and explore together.

Chef Angelo Cuppone, also a Fano native, will have a rotating chef’s menu with influences from Italy’s Adriatic Coast. Customers can expect contemporary dishes such as variety of tartare and charcuterie featuring a beautiful selection of cured meats and salamis sliced extremely thin and made to order. More traditional items include: Pappa al Pomodoro, Vitello Tonnato, Carbonara di Pesce, and Polpo e Patate con Olive Taggiasche.

Concura features a curated Italian wine list with dinners concentrated on verticals along with a variety of Italian-inspired cocktails. It showcases a selection of the best wines from Italy and a variety of other regions in the United States, France, and South Africa. The intimate open kitchen concept is a curated collection of furniture with attention to every detail, from dark, lime washed walls, iconic Italian designer pieces like the Sesann sofa by Tacchini, a black and white piece by Ferdinando Scianna and many other tributes to all Italian ‘Bella Vita.’

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