Craft Creamery

1338 Westheimer Rd Suite B Houston, TX 77006 Map It
  • Address:
    1338 Westheimer Rd Suite B
    Houston, TX 77006
  • Phone:
    (281) 740-4970

Craft Creamery, a locally-owned, chef-driven ice cream shop in Montrose serves French-pot method ice cream with local ingredients.

The neutral colors reflect the authenticity of the ingredients, nothing to hide behind, purity without pretense. The soft and warm refreshed look and feel of Craft Creamery is a sweet welcome for customers. Craft Creamery originally opened in late 2020 by chef Steve Marques as a test kitchen and incubator space to focus on partnership opportunities with top local restaurants. Besides the shop, Craft Creamery ice cream is available at places such as BOH Pasta and Pizza, The Briar Club, The Pit Room and State Fare Kitchen & Bar and more.

Chef Steve was classically trained in Europe and locally he was the chef owner of The Burger Guys and executive chef for The Tasting Room and BRC as well as a sous chef at Eunice. Craft Creamery is the brainchild of Chef Steve and his wife, Kim Kaase, dubbed the Chief Tasting Officer, who decided that the foodie couple wanted to eat more “intentionally” and connect a face and place to the food on their plate. With wanting to end each day with a special little treat, Craft Creamery was born.

The ice cream is made with Mill-King cream, farm eggs and sugar and simple, real flavors. No gums, starches, concentrates. Every ice cream flavor at Craft Creamery is pulled from a brimming mental menu of tastes, experiences and ideas that are meaningful to Chef Steve and his wife. Pistachio from a cobblestone street on a balmy night in Italy, Basil inspired by fresh-picked herbs and summer mornings are just a few examples. The ingredients, which are kept to a minimum, are sourced from the local region whenever possible.

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