Diced Poke

917 A Winbern Street Houston, TX 77002 Map It
  • Address:
    917 A Winbern Street
    Houston, TX 77002
  • Phone:
    (832) 278-9372

Houston welcomes another poke restaurant with Diced Poke in Midtown. Described as chef driven and locally owned, Diced Poke offers more than the typical poke venue.

Proteins like fresh salmon, tuna, shrimp and yellowtail make perfect options for the Specialty Bowls. Their signature Poke Burritos are so perfect, Diced Poke insists that you can remove but not add ingredients. Burritos like the Volcano includes salmon, crab mix, tamago, cucumber, jalapeños, cabbage mix, kaiware, masago, wonton chip, and fried shallots, but the simple fact that the burrito is rolled in Hot Cheetos with a side of cilantro-jalapeño sauce is a game changer. The Maui burrito offers a different option, with soft-shell crab as the main protein, another exciting change to the usual poke menu. Despite the myriad of menu options, customers can still create their own poke masterpiece and customize their order.

True to its Hawaiian roots, Diced Poke offers and assortment of pan-fried Spam called Musubi. The state of Hawaii consumes more Spam than any other state in the nation, but Diced Poke is putting its own spin on the canned delicacy. The Egg Musubi is eggs, green onions, pan-fried Spam stuffed between seasoned rice and wrapped in seaweed. This fast casual Hawaiian phase doesn’t seem to be slowing down, so make sure to enjoy the fresh and artfully-crafted options at Diced Poke.

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