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Galveston Island Tours

502 20th Street, Suite #1861 Galveston Map It
Address: 502 20th Street, Suite #1861 Galveston
Phone: (409) 765-8687

Galveston Island Tours provides custom tour packages in the Galveston area. Sample itineraries include:

Historic Homes Tour
Explore a time of Galveston's glory, a time of incredible wealth and streets lined with mansions. Discover the richly restored architecture of a past era and learn how the charm and beauty of Galveston Island has endured the test of time. Tour includes admission to a Historic Mansion museum.

The Great 1900 Storm Tour
Learn how a city with the second highest income per capita in the U.S. went from riches to ruins in a single night. Explore how the determination of its survivors altered the face of nature by "raising the island" to protect themselves from future storms. Admission includes a 30 min. mutli-slide presentation and a tour of a historic mansion museum that survived the storm.

Island Sightseeing Tour
Relax and enjoy a guided sightseeing tour around Galveston Island. Discover how one island encompasses two very different lifestyles. This delightful tour takes you from the east end of the island to "way out west."

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