Houston Heights


3601 White Oak Dr Houston, TX 77009 Map It
  • Address:
    3601 White Oak Dr
    Houston, TX 77009
  • Phone:
    (713) 597-6257

Gelazzi popped up in the Houston Heights in style, opening its store front with a colorful mural painted by street artists Daniel Anguilu and Wiley Robertson that reads "Greetings from Houston." Customers and passersby often pose for pictures by the one-story-tall postcard.

Once visitors have captured a photo, they can step inside for a truly tasty experience. The cozy interior is lined wall to wall with over 40 flavors of gelato. Popular choices include sea-salt caramel, pistachio, blueberry coconut and strawberry shiraz. Still hungry? Gelazzi also dishes out a variety of pizzas, whole or by the slice.

Patio benches line the backyard so visitors can kick back and enjoy the historic neighborhood. There is even a bocce ball court to keep guests entertained in between scoops of gelato.

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