Kubo’s Sushi & Washoku

1902 Washington Avenue Houston, TX 77007 Map It
  • Address:
    1902 Washington Avenue
    Houston, TX 77007

Between the Heights and Downtown, Kubo’s Sushi & Washoku treats sushi lovers to a delectable collection of Japanese cuisine.

Serving picturesque sashimi dishes sure to wow your Instagram followers, Kubo’s has the presentation aspect of serving food down to a true art. While the restaurant offers familiar sushi dishes, guests can also branch out a bit with a plate of “Kamo Rosu,” a traditional Japanese dish featuring roasted duck.Guests are offered to have dinner kaiseki-style, which features an assortment of small dishes starring sophisticated menu items crafted with seasonal ingredients.

The casual sushi spot sports a bar where diners can watch sushi chefs at work preparing stunning dishes.

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