Les Ba’get

1717 W. 34th St. Suite 800 | Houston, TX 77018

After closing its original restaurant in Montrose, Les Ba’get opened for the visitors of Houston Heights on 34th Street. Known for their bahn mi sandwiches, this Vietnamese cafe is a local favorite.

Wowing guests with dishes like Vietnamese spaghetti and meatball with black truffles served with vermicelli noodle, lemongrass grilled bone marrow and a variety of pho dishes, Les Ba’get hosts a menu full of colorful dishes. Also serving Vietnamese coffee and an array of spring rolls, the cafe is a great spot for an afternoon snack, lunch or dinner.

With inside and patio seating, the cafe is also ideal for sipping a beer or a cocktail, like that “Pho’loody Mary” or sriracha mezcal. Decorated with old-time pictures of Vietnam, Vietnamese stamps and an assortment of industrial elements, this popular spot serves guests by counter-service.

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