Liberty Kitchen - Garden Oaks

(713) 290-0074
3715 Alba Rd. | Houston, TX 77018
Houston Heights

Considering Houston's close proximity to the Gulf, there's no shortage of good seafood inside the city's restaurants. So it's quite the accomplishment for a concept like Liberty Kitchen & Oyster Bar to really elevate the local seafood experience.

Created by the same talent that brought Houston BRC Gastropub, the first Liberty concept opened in November 2011 in the Heights, but has since expanded with several spin-off locations. In its new Garden Oaks location, guests will find a wide variety of grilled fish, fried seafood, steaks, burgers and more. There's even breakfast on weekends. True to the idea of a neighborhood restaurant, Liberty is only serving Texas beer and spirits at the bar, including specialty cocktails.

Liberty Kitchen is open Monday through Friday for lunch and dinner, and breakfast, lunch and dinner on the weekends.