West University/Rice Village

Luigi’s Pizzeria Bellaire

4505 Bissonnet Street Houston, TX 77401 Map It
  • Address:
    4505 Bissonnet Street
    Houston, TX 77401
  • Phone:
    (713) 665-0811

This family owned and operated pizza joint has been such a fan favorite in Midtown that they recently opened a second location in Bellaire.

At Luigi’s Pizzeria you get crowd-pleasing New York style pizza from a wood burning oven at a reasonable price. What more could a person ask for? How about patio space for you and your dog, a few more menu items like tasty calzones, cheesesteak sandwiches and jumbo buffalo wings, and a bocce ball court.

Since Bocce ball is a Luigi’s family tradition they’ve even included in the menu instructions on how to play. The winning player or team will be treated to free gelato and bragging rights.

Come for the pizza, stay for the gelato and burn off the calories with friendly competition.

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