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Milk and Sugar Creamery


Recess, heart of glass, and happy wife are not just wonderful parts of life, they’re ice cream flavors according to Milk and Sugar Creamery in Montrose.

Recess is a sweet cream base with chunks of house-made peanut butter and chocolate, heart of glass is a cream cheese base with chunks of house-made cinnamon sugar blondies and happy wife is a sweet cream base with chunks of house-made almond, vanilla pound cake. Basically visitors can get scoops of delicious ice cream with chunks of other delicious treats rolled into it.

Owned by a self-described ice cream loving couple from Houston who love the charm of Montrose, Milk and Sugar does as much as possible in house. They flavor the bases, make the mix-ins, churn the ice cream, fold it all in together and "harden" the product in their “ice cream factory.”

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