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Opera Vista

3262 Westheimer Road #329 Houston, TX 77098 Map It
Address: 3262 Westheimer Road #329 Houston, TX 77098
Phone: (713) 581-4442

Opera Vista’s motto is "modern opera for modern times", which means won’t find your typical operatic classics here.

Instead, the group of friends who founded Opera Vista think that young, new composers should be given a chance to become the Puccinis and Wagners of today’s generation. Just like the old masters, young composers should be able to transform their experiences and world view into works and present them to an audience. At least that's the Opera Vista way of thinking. Talent seems to be plentiful and, in order to heighten interest with the audience, the performances function on a modern "American Idol" type of voting system during their annual spring festival.

By giving the composers a stage, the organization strives to promote the continuation and growth of an old tradition and new passion in this form of art. Opera Vista has different types of performances throughout the year, including its Opera Under the Stars event in conjunction with MFAH’s Bayou Bend.

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