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Peli Deli

808 Travis St. #115 Houston, TX 77002 Map It
Address: 808 Travis St. #115 Houston, TX 77002
Phone: (281) 297-9500

Houston’s wildly successful Peli Peli brand has added Peli Deli to the mix—a temporary, on-the-go outpost in Downtown Houston. The casual South African concept represents a nine month pop up (from March to December 2017) offering naan tacos and banh mi selections, along with breakfast items like egg soufflé and parfaits.

Set in the old Murphy’s Deli space, inside the lobby of the Niels Esperson building, Peli Deli tempts the professional set for globally inspired dishes like the South African curried chicken calzone and Vietnamese pork belly bahn mi. Guests can grab their selections to go or dine in in the revamped space, which boasts head-turning graffiti by Jon Garner. The restaurant hopes to add a liquor license in the coming months and, if all goes well, might consider a more permanent Downtown set up in the current digs or elsewhere in the district.

Peli Deli is open for breakfast and lunch, Monday through Friday.

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