Penny Whistle

1625 Richmond Ave Houston, TX 77006 Map It
  • Address:
    1625 Richmond Ave
    Houston, TX 77006

Located in Montrose, the Penny Whistle replaced the infamous Harp Irish Pub but kept all the endearing favorites of Houston locals. Known for their Steak Night and Tallboy Tuesday events, the pub also has ping pong, jukebox, darts and foosball for diners’ entertainment.

Whiskey connoisseurs (and just plain whiskey lovers) will be impressed by this pub’s Irish whiskey collection. For those who prefer other liquors, Penny Whistle also has a number of craft cocktails on their menu.

With an atmosphere designed to feel like home, Penny Whistle is a great date night, or gathering hotspot to spend a few hours drinking and playing games.

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