Phil & Derek's Restaurant & Wine Bar

1701 Webster St Houston, TX 77003 Map It
  • Address:
    1701 Webster St
    Houston, TX 77003
  • Phone:

Phil & Derek’s Jazz Lounge in Midtown aims to replicate the comfort of your living room while entertaining you with live music and filling your stomach with decadent soul food.

Serving lunch, dinner and weekend brunch, Phil & Derek’s menu includes buttermilk fried chicken, southwest eggrolls, and a pizza station. The menu has a wide selection of dishes to leave guests feeling stuffed and satisfied. Phil and Derek’s also stars an extensive wine list and full bar with an eclectic martini selection.

Super cozy and welcoming, Phil & Derek’s features a patio, lounge and indoor seating with DJs, live bands and singers to keep diners entertained.

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