Pho Hung

10613 Bellaire Houston, TX 77072 Map It
  • Address:
    10613 Bellaire
    Houston, TX 77072

Pho Hung has reopened their outpost on Bellaire following a brief closure. Famous for being the first pho joint in Houston to offer pho tai be, or pho with thinly sliced veal on the side, the usual meat options are also available for customization including beef meatballs (bo vien), filet mignon (tai), skirt flank (nam ve don), chicken (pho ga), along with premium veal, oxtail, and more. The restaurant currently offers four different bowl sizes including X-Large, large, small, and baby.

Diners can't go wrong pairing any bowl of their choosing with their ultra-smooth cafe sua da, or Vietnamese iced coffee.

Inside guests will enjoy a more contemporary look, with cool shades of gray and white accenting the interior. The restaurant, located at 10613 Bellaire Boulevard, is now open for regular business hours.

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