Rainforest Cafe

5015 Westheimer Rd | Houston, TX 77056

While waiting for a table, hungry diners prowl the retail village, where cash-register ka-chings compete with chirping birds, roaring lions and chest-thumping gorillas. When the lights start to flicker, never fear--thunderstorms are part of the show. The menu is American comfort food—pastas, burgers, pizzas and salads—served with a tropical flair. There are plenty options that the kids will recognize, but enough novelty to keep the parents happy.

The volcano in the plaza erupts on the top and bottom of every hour after dusk.

If the thrill of the seawall and a day at the ocean wasn't enough, adjacent to the restaurant is the Rainforest River Adventure Ride. Kids will love exploring the rainforests of the world along with elephants, gorillas and crocodiles.