Roberta Roller Rabbit

4444 Westheimer Rd. Houston, TX 77027 Map It
  • Address:
    4444 Westheimer Rd.
    Houston, TX 77027
  • Phone:
    (713) 877-1701

Roberta Roller Rabbit was inspired by a fable of a magical rabbit that Roberta found on a piece of discarded fabric in India. Launched in 2003, with a collection of colorful hand block printed kurtas, the resort-inspired line has evolved into a lifestyle brand offering a plethora of products which include clothing for men, women and children, as well as accessories and home furnishings.

In 2006, Roberta opened her first Roberta Roller Rabbit store on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Today the new flagship can be found in Manhattan’s Tribeca neighborhood along with stores in Houston, Southampton, Charleston, Palm Beach, Dallas, Los Angeles, Newport Beach, Marin and Atlanta.

Roberta Roller Rabbit immerses customers in a delightful world of colors, prints and textures. Each store offers a range of hand block printed pieces by artisans in India. Other wildly popular prints include monkeys, elephants and fish, which capture Roberta’s love for children and complete the signature whimsical spirit that has become synonymous with the brand.

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