Memorial Park/Washington Corridor

Soma Sushi

4820 Washington Ave. Houston, TX 77007 Map It
  • Address:
    4820 Washington Ave.
    Houston, TX 77007
  • Phone:
    (713) 861-2726

Categorized as a progressive modern Japanese restaurant, a large part of Soma's menu consists of nigiri, sashimi and rolls.

Inside the ultra-modern and Asian-influenced dining room, expect sushi, creative house rolls and sashimi offerings that parallel those of sister restaurant Azuma. Those in search of a rarefied Japanese dining experience should sample the menu items including the fish and chips (whole fried fish served with dipping sauces), crunchy noodle mango salad, lobster cocktail with seafood and caviar and curried braised beef. Singles mingle over cocktails in the front bar area.

The restaurant is a lively hangout on the weekends, with club music and groups of 30-somethings fueling up for a night on the town.

Beer and wine are offered but the restaurant also has an extensive sake and specialty cocktail menu.

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