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SongKran Thai Kitchen

1101-08 Uptown Park Boulevard Houston, TX 77056 Map It
Address: 1101-08 Uptown Park Boulevard Houston, TX 77056
Phone: (713) 993-9096

Named after Thailand's most famous festival, SongKran Thai Kitchen offers authentic Thai cuisine with a menu that signifies this auspicious and celebratory festival and Chef Jett’s special memories growing up in Bangkok.

Using fresh ingredients like garlic, shrimp paste, thai chilies, lemongrass, galangal, coconut, rhizome, Executive Chef Junnajet “Jett”  Hurapan creates vibrant dishes passed down from both his grandmother and father.  Expect dishes like crispy whole red snapper with three flavor sauce, Braised compart duroc pork with pickled napa & garlic, and Wagyu beef with spicy coconut curry, thai eggplant & kaffir line. There is also an extensive vegetarian menu for those avoiding meat.

For dessert, Jira Hurapan, Chef "Jett's" wife, takes the helm as pastry chef. Every dish is prepared in-house from scratch to create tasty sweets like Lychee and Jackfruit Crème Brulee, Khao Neow Dum made with coconut sticky rice and topped with assorted fresh fruits, a variety of homemade sorbets, and more.

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