Taste Bar + Kitchen

3015 Bagby Street Houston, TX 77006 Map It
  • Address:
    3015 Bagby Street
    Houston, TX 77006

A Midtown lively, casual dining spot, Taste Bar + Kitchen whips up various versions of fried chicken and waffles, like General Tso’s Chicken & Waffles and even vegan chicken & waffles made with chicken fried cauliflower.

There are also savory and specialty waffle options including a cheeseburger waffle, spiced butter pecan waffle, tres leche waffle and a dozen others. Diners can also level up by ordering the chicken fried lobster and waffles for a decadent culinary experience. This charming spot also offers five different types of mac and cheese, and if guests aren’t bursting at the seams after all that, there is also, of course, dessert. Featuring a deep fried waffle bread pudding, pound for pound cake, and house boudino, tasters are sure to leave delectably satisfied.

Craft cocktails are blended by the kitchen’s mixologist and made to delight taste buds. The cinnamon toast white Russian, the chocolate affair and the ginger caipirinha barely scratch the surface on the list of specialty drinks offered by Taste Bar. The open and calmly decorated space hosts a charming atmosphere complete with patio for fair-weather days, a DJ and flat screen TVs.

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