EaDo/East End

Texas Tacos & BBQ

1000 Telephone Rd Houston, TX 77023 Map It
  • Address:
    1000 Telephone Rd
    Houston, TX 77023
  • Phone:
    (713) 227-1743

A marriage between two Houston favorites, Texas Tacos and Barbecue joins the legendary Villa Arcos tacos with EaDo’s former Oak Leaf Smokehouse.

Villa Arcos has been serving up some of the best tacos Houston has to offer for the past 40 years. The taco stand has received praise from the Houston Chronicle, Houston Press, Texas Monthly, and even CNN. Oak Leaf Smokehouse will continue to specialize in an extensive menu of Texas-style BBQ. Texas Tacos and Barbecue takes the best of both worlds to create a uniquely Houston fusion.

Don’t leave without loading up on their famous breakfast tacos or loaded 3-meat BBQ plate. Eat like a local at this casual EaDo hangout.

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