The Acadian Bakers

604. W. Alabama Houston, TX 77006 Map It
  • Address:
    604. W. Alabama
    Houston, TX 77006

Located in Montrose, a gourmet bakery by the name of The Acadian Bakers has been known to whip up tasty treats for former presidents, prime ministers, and famous actors and actresses. Known for their wedding and special occasion cakes, the bakery also offers a variety of in-store cakes such as the New Orleans daubache, a Kalhua and cream cake and a seasonal king cake. The shop also has a deli packed with salads, burgers, sandwiches and soups. If guests are looking to feed a crowd, the bakery can also put together a variety of party trays. The bakery hosts a charming, casual atmosphere and is open until the afternoon for cake pickups or a quick bite to eat.

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