The Nightingale Room

308 Main St. Houston, TX 77002 Map It
  • Address:
    308 Main St.
    Houston, TX 77002
  • Phone:
    (832) 968-3370
Mike Criss, the opening GM for Downtown’s OKRA Charity Saloon, has teamed up with the Clumsy Butcher group on a new venture called The Nightingale Room. Though the bar’s name pays homage to the famous songbird, it’s also a reference to Houston music legend Sippie Wallace, known as the Texas Nightingale during the 1920s.Located along Main Street, the shotgun-style space is marked by an antique brick interior, round booths, large mirrors and an impressive 2,200-strong vinyl record collection. Upstairs, the second floor makes room for a stage to showcase a mix of local and traveling artists—both musicians and DJs. On the menu, guests will find a well-edited selection of house drinks and shots, along with beer, wine and Champagne.The Nightingale Room is open Tuesday through Saturday, 4 p.m. to 2 a.m.
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