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TheFish Restaurant & Sushi Bar

309 Gray St., Ste 107 Houston, TX 77002 Map It
Address: 309 Gray St., Ste 107 Houston, TX 77002
Phone: 713-526-5294

This Midtown sushi stop scores high on glam with red mood lighting and above-average fare.

At this hip neighborhood sushi spot, it's mostly hipsters from Midtown lofts and sushi seekers tired of the same downtown haunts. Red lights cast a serene glow on the dark walls, lending a conspiratorial vibe to the intimate tables and booths. Service is casual and chatty.

The Fish goes beyond traditional sushi-bar fare with an assortment of cooked and non-fish Asian fusion items. Miso with clams and miso and avocado make for great starters. Katsu mushrooms are served piping-hot with a crispy-fried crust surrounding a shrimp and mushroom filling. The tenderloin roll features large wedges of supple beef stuffed with avocado or sweet potato and covered with a delicately sugared glaze. At the sushi bar, escolar is porcelain-white and amazingly buttery, while toro is delicate pink. For dessert, try banana tempura with green-tea ice cream--the perfect combo of warm and cold.

The Fish doesn't take reservations, so expect a wait, particularly if you want a coveted window booth. For faster service, sit at the sushi bar.

The raspberry hot sake makes for a nice winter warmer.

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