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Thiem Hung

2108 Pease St. Houston, TX 77003 Map It
  • Address:
    2108 Pease St.
    Houston, TX 77003
  • Phone:
    (713) 225-4766

Thiem Hung, located in East Downtown, is a popular Asian restaurant with traditional Vietnamese homestyle cooking. Combine the highest quality ingredients and the freshest produce along with family recipes and you get delicious appetizers, entrees, and desserts.

A low-key date spot, Thiem Hung has a casual, laid back vibe that is spotlessly clean and decorated with framed Vietnamese photos. One of the best parts about this restaurant is the owner, Minh, who greets each customer enthusiastically and will take the time to get to know new patrons and help them order. The rest of the staff is warm and friendly and can help you tackle the diverse menu.

For an appetizer, try the egg or autumn rolls. For your entrée, try a vermicelli bowl, rice plate, or one of their delicious Banh mi Thit sandwiches paired with iced coffee. Be sure and stop by on a Thursday or Friday night at 6 p.m. for their "After Dark" 3 course special for extremely affordable meal.

Thiem Hung is also vegetarian/vegan friendly with an extensive selection of meatless entrees.

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