Houston Heights

Tin Drum Asian Kitchen

1111 Shepherd Dr, Suite 100 Houston, TX 77007 Map It
  • Address:
    1111 Shepherd Dr, Suite 100
    Houston, TX 77007

Tin Drum Asian Kitchen in the Heights showcases vibrant flavors, and Asian-inspired delights take center stage. Guests can start their culinary adventure with appetizers like the irresistible crab n cheese rolls, vegetable spring rolls, and savory pork wontons.

For the main course, dive into the wok wings, available in a multitude of flavor profiles that promise a burst of taste in every bite. For those who crave the comfort of noodles, the ramen and noodle dishes offer a range of tempting combinations, each prepared with the finest ingredients and seasoned to perfection. In the stir fry arena, Tin Drum Asian Kitchen presents a symphony of colors and flavors that harmonize in every dish. With the option to order online or through their app, the restaurant ensures that cravings are just a few clicks away.

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