True Anomaly Brewing

2012 Dallas St Houston, TX 77003 Map It
  • Address:
    2012 Dallas St
    Houston, TX 77003

Located in a transformed warehouse in EaDo, True Anomaly Brewing hosts a variety of beers designed to surprise taste buds and satisfy beer enthusiasts. While they supply the beer, they recommend patrons bring their own food from a nearby eatery.

Serving sour ales and what the owners call “funky beers,” it’s a hot spot to go for a unique drinking experience. Sit at the industrial warehouse bar right in front of the taproom tanks and enjoy the freshly poured ale of your preference.

Owned by four current and former NASA employees, the brewery has a space theme to nod to Houston’s “space city” nickname. No need to stress if patrons don’t know how to read a “funky” beer menu. The owners carefully crafted detailed descriptions of their beers to make sure drinkers know what to expect when they order.

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