Memorial/Energy Corridor

Tubs Poutine

13429 Briar Forest Drive Houston, TX 77077 Map It
  • Address:
    13429 Briar Forest Drive
    Houston, TX 77077
  • Phone:
    (832) 672-6942

Nothing beats the French Canadian comfort food, poutine. Lucky for Houstonians, Tubs Poutine offers a choose-your-own-gravy-covered-adventure any French fry lover can get behind. Located in the Energy Corridor, Chef Lyle Mathes and siblings Brian and Caroline Nguyen give comfort food a new meaning at their diner-style hot spot.

Inside diners are invited to create their own poutine dish from a variety of meat, cheese, and gravies, and any extra goodness to top off each unique poutine creation.

Tubs Poutine is open weekdays for lunch and dinner, as well as weekend brunches.

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