Houston Heights

White Oak Biergarten

2520 Houston Avenue Houston, TX 77009 Map It
  • Address:
    2520 Houston Avenue
    Houston, TX 77009
  • Phone:
    (713) 862-2400

The watering hole formerly known as Lucky’s Pub in the Heights is making a comeback under the moniker White Oak Biergarten. With a wide selection of local and import beers, indoor and outdoor patio seating, and new menu, this new hotspot should be on everyone’s ‘must try’ list. In addition to the name change comes a culinary revamp. Famed Houston Pit Master Jim Buchanan brings Buck’s Barbeque Co. to the property, serving up a (you guessed it) barbecue-centric menu for your finger-licking pleasure. From the classic Texas offerings of brisket, pulled pork and ribs to the more eccentric use of smoked meats, such as the brisket debris po’ boy, diners are sure to have your BBQ and brew hankering wrangled at White Oak Biergarten.

White Oak Biergarten is open every day from 11 a.m. – 2 a.m.

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