HOUSTON (April 14, 2014) - The executive committee of the board of the Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau has voted in favor of continuing negotiations on a plan that would align the organization with Houston First Corp.

The vote approves the framework for a strategic realignment between the nonprofit GHCVB and the local government corporation Houston First and enables the chief executives of the two organizations to join an existing working group to determine details of an agreement.

Three board members from each organization were charged with negotiating the framework as part of that working group in recent months. Details of the strategic realignment will be developed by the full working group and then finalized by the governing bodies of both organizations. While there is no precise timeline for reaching an agreement, the process is expected to take several weeks.

The GHCVB is a 501©6 nonprofit corporation that serves as the primary marketing and sales organization of Houston/Harris County. The GHCVB's main source of funding comes from a contract with the city of Houston, which was assigned to Houston First Corp. in 2011. The contract funds approximately 89% of the GHCVB's budget from a tax on hotel/motel occupancy within the incorporated boundaries of Houston/Harris County. The state legislation creating this tax provides that 23% of the city's gross hotel tax collection is to be used for sales and marketing efforts to attract tourists and convention delegates to the municipality. Funding from Harris County comprises approximately 3% of the GHCVB's annual income and is utilized to promote and assist in booking county facilities. The GHCVB's budget is enhanced by private funds raised through a variety of sources including membership dues, advertising and in-kind contributions.


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