Houston First Corporation (HFC) launched “Visit Houston AR", an augmented reality browser that delivers the quintessential Houston experience. Utilizing waypoints, the free app enables users to discover the city’s offerings through the lens of your phone.

Available for both iPhone and Android users, the “Visit Houston AR” app accesses the phone’s camera to open the augmented reality view. Capturing the user’s direct vicinity, the browser virtually displays a menu of nearby sites including restaurants, hotels and attractions relative to their location. Through the app, users can then filter listings according to their needs and interests, as well as review relevant content such as descriptions, photos, Google ratings and a walking directions map. Users can also access the Visit Houston website for more information without leaving the augmented reality experience. 

“Visit Houston AR is an engaging, user-friendly resource that will enhance our overall visitor experience. It seamlessly connects users to our impressive assortment of restaurants and attractions, enabling even first-time visitors to navigate and discover the city like a native Houstonian,” said Dawn Ullrich, president and CEO of Houston First Corporation. “As one of the first tourism organizations to develop a tool of this caliber, we hope this unique app leaves a lasting impression on both visitors and residents alike.” 

Beyond the ease of navigation and exploration, HFC plans to expand “Visit Houston AR’s” capabilities to improve the overall user experience. Future amenities will include remote bookings for local restaurants and hotels, as well as options to reserve parking prior to arrival. Users will also have the ability to reserve travel arrangements through local transportation services, such as Houston Metro and ZipCar. Other updates will include seamless ticket purchases for local attractions and events through the augmented reality layer, as well as push notifications to alert users of nearby sales and relevant events based on their previous searches and interests.

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