Meet The Bartender: Natan Cruz

True Houstonians are celebrating the return of Rich’s. For almost 30 years, this mega club served gay and straight patrons before shutting down in 2013. Now under new management, the two-story bar/dance club is back open and already showing Houston bars it is still a force to be reckoned with. Natan Cruz is just one of the friendly faces seen hustling around Rich’s keeping drinks full. We wanted to know how working for the new bar was in addition to his side projects that made him a well-known…

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5 Types of Houston Gays

When visiting a city, you will encounter the normal gamut of gay men: twinks, otters, bears, cubs, jocks and everything in between. Houston gays differ from New York gays, Los Angeles gays, Miami gays and definitely Dallas gays. And that’s great. It makes turning Grindr on in a different city that much more exciting. It is like playing sexual Pokemon Go around the country; gotta catch them all. Here are some of the types of guys you will find in Houston that may not show up everywhere. The Gay…

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Wicked Flies Into Houston

Attention all “friends of Dorothy,” the smash hit Wicked will be defying gravity as it returns to Houston this month. Now I’m sure you have all heard at least one song from Wicked sung at Guava on karaoke night but here is your chance to hear actual professionals and not a twink who has had one too many vodka tonics. The Tony Award-winning musical is based on author Gregory Maquire’s book Wick­ed: The Life and Times of the Wick­ed Witch of the West . It tells the unlikely story of the friendship…

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