Bridget Everett Bringing Edgy Comedy to Houston

Bridget Everett knows how to work a crowd. The bawdy singer/comedienne has earned a strong fan base with her over-the-edge cabaret performances, particularly in New York City where she's a regular on the comedy circuit. Everett is a combo threat, mixing her beautiful singing voice, risque storytelling and downright jaw-dropping comedy for a performance few will forget. Last summer, her first television comedy special, Gynecological Wonder, aired on Comedy Central and she co-starred in Amy…

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Glam, Gore, Renaissance Queens: Find Your Dream Look

By Jenn Haight Halloween shops pop up in empty strip malls and abandoned storefronts for a couple of months each year offering cheaply made run-of-the-mill costumes and decorations. But what're available at most of these stores are the same things you'd find in any drugstore or discount supercenters. So, if you're seeking something outside of the norm in theme and quality, a trip to one of the long-established, family-run costume shops in Houston is a must. Open year round, these facilities…

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Your Guide at the Polls: The Houston GLBT Political Caucus

By Jenn Haight With the 2016 presidential and regional elections already splashed across the news and media, many people are thinking about the issues that matter to them. The GLBT community of Houston has a ready-made outlet for ideas and empowerment with the Houston GLBT Political Caucus. Uniting under the slogan "Equality? Seek it. Discrimination? End it," the group hopes to open doors wide during the upcoming electoral season. Founded in 1975, The Houston GLBT Political Caucus is…

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