Upper Kirby/Greenway Plaza

Elevation Burger

3819 Kirby Drive Houston, TX 77098 Map It
  • Address:
    3819 Kirby Drive
    Houston, TX 77098
  • Phone:
    (713) 524-2909

At Elevation Burger, taste and sustainability are the most important components of a successful burger. However, Elevation Burger aims to be more than just a burger restaurant, focusing on preparing food that’s better for their patrons and the environment by using high-quality ingredients and restaurants built with sustainable materials. By only using grass-fed beef, patrons get higher levels of beneficial Omega 3 fatty acids, which provides a better balance of less beneficial Omega 6 fatty acids. Elevation Burger also promises that when they use terms like organic, 100% grass-fed, free-range, and no antibiotics ever – these terms all have real meaning that impact animal welfare, environmental health, and your health.

The Elevation Burger menu includes 100% organic, grass-fed beef burgers like their classic elevation burger with two beef patties, their vertigo patties where diners can choose the number of patties desired up to 10 or the half the guilt burger which has two patties, one beef and one veggie. Speaking of veggie patties, Elevation Burger has their vegan and veggie options like the veggie patty with veggies and cheese or the vegan-friendly option with whole grains and seasoned veggies. The chicken and alternative options on the menu include the grilled chicken sandwich with two organic chicken tenderloins, the grilled chicken breast tenderloins with dipping sauce, a B.L.T. or a classic grilled cheese with six-month aged, unprocessed cheddar. There are also plenty of salads to choose from like the elevation salad or Caesar salad that you can add grilled chicken to.

Lastly, treat yourself to a delicious shake or malt made with real ingredients like bananas, starberries, blueberries or mangos. You can also go with the sweeter options like Oreo®, keylime pie, chocolate syrup, black cherry, organic cheesecake and more!

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