Memorial/Energy Corridor

Poke Bar

14555 Memorial Dr., Ste. 500 Houston, TX 77079 Map It
  • Address:
    14555 Memorial Dr., Ste. 500
    Houston, TX 77079
  • Phone:
    (281) 835-4133

West Coast-born Poké Bar has joined the city's poke scene, opening a restaurant in West Houston. Located at the intersection of Memorial Drive and Dairy Ashford, Poke Bar promises the classic Hawaiian cuisine with a twist.

Inside, guests will find a contemporary, counter-service concept, which allows patrons to mix and match selections for a customizable poke creation. Tuna, salmon, albacore and octopus make up just a handful of the fresh catch on offer, perfect for mixing with seaweed, crabmeat, kale and more for a fresh and light meal to enjoy on the go or at the restaurant. Miso soup and seaweed salad are also available a la carte.

Poke Bar is open for lunch and dinner, daily.

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