The Pastry War

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    310 Main St
    Houston, TX 77002

A slice of Old World Mexico has landed in Downtown Houston’s Historic District with The Pastry War.

The agave spirits concept is the latest from The Clumsy Butcher—the guys who brought you Anvil, Hay Merchant and the OKRA Charity Saloon. Expect a true multisensory experience at Pastry War with its dia de los muertos-inspired décor and meticulously selected tequila and mezcal selection—many of which have never before been poured in Texas. The long, narrow space fronting Main Street is set up in three district sections: an enclosed front patio ornamented with hanging plants, the main bar area with table and booth seating and finally a rear room strung with large multicolored lights reminiscent of a Mexico City cantina.

Artwork is a centerpiece of Pastry War, with a 28-foot-long mural of skeleton heads on the ceiling of the patio area from local artist Carlos Hernandez. But the primary focus is, of course, the cocktails. The margarita’s the thing—salt or no salt, tequila or mezcal, house or flavored (the mango habanero seems to be the big hit).  There are other shaken-up concoctions and Mexican longnecks to round out the drink menu.

The Pastry War joins a growing collection of concepts in and around Market Square and the Historic District, giving new life to this once sleepy section of Downtown.

So what’s with the name? Undoubtedly many who first hear about the spot might expect a bakery. Turns out, there’s some real history there—a conflict most Americans are probably unaware of.  The Pastry War was a five-month battle between France and Mexico launched when French citizens living in Mexico—particularly one French pastry shop owner—demanded reparations from the Mexican government for damages to the businesses and investments.

Ranked No. 8 by Garden & Gun magazine for Top 10 Best Bars in the Country.

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