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Spacey Casey

“There comes a time in every space cadet’s life, when you realize that your dreams should not be left as dreams. I am not a dream. I am space.”
-Spacey Casey

Who is Spacey Casey? 👨‍🚀

You’re probably wondering who Spacey Casey is, which is why you are reading this. Pretty interesting, huh?

Anyways, Spacey Casey is a local Houstonian who has dedicated themselves to achieving one thing: making it to space. Though, since the whole space thing hasn’t really worked out just as of yet, Visit Houston caught notice of Spacey Casey around town at some pretty trendy places and knew that they needed SC on the team.


Huh? But, why hire this space person? 

Great questions deserve great answers: Houston is Space City. 🚀

With the 50th anniversary of the moon landing taking place this summer, Visit Houston needed someone who had a passion for two things: space travel and Houston. <enter Spacey Casey>

Casey has been brought on as the official Campaign Coordinator for #SpaceCity Month, coming up this July. The month will be full of space and moon landing-related activities and events all over Houston.

So, Casey doesn’t have to work until July? Wow…

Not quite. Spacey Casey is a dedicated professional, so we have tasked them to do two things:

  • Do Space Things
  • Do Houston Things

📹 For the next few months, Spacey Casey is going to getting to know Houston from a space-y perspective and every Friday we’ll release a new video documenting SC’s enjoyments around town. You can find them on our Facebook page and below, if you are super lazy.


Get in line, sweetheart. But what you can do is follow along on their personal Instagram. It’s getting pretty legit.



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