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2018 Tourism Incentive Program

Houston Tourism Incentive Program 2018

Houston First Corporation (HFC) and Visit Houston are proud to announce that we are investing funds in tourism-related marketing programs developed by local and regional organizations for the 3rd consecutive year. The Tourism Incentive Program encourages industry partnerships across the Houston area to create tourist packages. These packages feature activities and events across the region and are marketed to audiences 90 miles and beyond Houston.

This year, HFC awarded $275,000 to 21 TIP applicants representing a variety of events, projects and programs.  These organizations worked collaboratively with other partners, including a hotel and a non-profit, to create tourism packages that are being marketed to potential visitors outside the region. Click here for the full list of 2018 winners and package descriptions.

Best of luck to all our 2018 TIP Award Winners!


2018 TIP Awards
The 2018 winners of the Tourism Incentive Program
January 24, 2018

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