Byron's Gourmet BBQ

2101 West Little York Houston, TX 77091 Map It
  • Address:
    2101 West Little York
    Houston, TX 77091

If fancy things like a waiter or an actual dining room are what you're looking for, Byron's Gourmet BBQ isn't your place. If you're looking for no-frills, down home, smokehouse-style meats of all kinds, this spot has you covered.

Byron's is a walk-up operation, with a few covered benches out front offering a shady place to dig in. Located just off Little York, it's easy to miss. But the ribs and brisket here are worth searching out. Another delicacy—Cajun boudin balls made with Mr. Byron's perfected recipe.

Important tip: Byron's keeps odd hours so be sure to call ahead to see if they're open.

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