Catering by George

906 North Loop East Houston, TX 77009 Map It


  • Address:
    906 North Loop East
    Houston, TX 77009
  • Phone:
    (713) 699-1693

Searching for a one of a kind catering experience? Catering by George works with clients to create customized menus to suit any special event. From sushi to sandwiches, Catering by George can accommodate a range of client needs and budgets.

Executive Chef Jeffrey George is known for his diverse culinary arts. Rather than specialize in one cuisine, Jeffrey offers a broad range of menus to please any palate and he regularly creates exciting new recipes and menus. In addition to offering full-service catering, Catering by George can also provide anything from tents and tableware to entertainment and valet service.

For more information about Catering by George’s services, visit the company’s website.

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