d'Lish Catering

1200 McKinney Street, Suite 479 Houston, TX 77010 Map It
Address: 1200 McKinney Street, Suite 479 Houston, TX 77010
Phone: (281) 953-5474

D’Lish Catering owner and executive chef Mandy Bennett’s mission is to continue making people satisfied and appreciate the joy of food. Since 2004, Mandy has made it her priority to ensure each meal is made with love, flavor, consistency and precision. Today, D’lish Catering offers in-store meals at its “d’lish n’ dash” shop along with catering services.

D’lish offers a wide selection of catering menus, complete with specialized dishes and well-thought out pairings—from lemon pepper chicken to shrimp and goat cheese enchiladas. Whether your event is classical or whimsical, D’Lish Catering can work with you to find a menu that best fits their event’s style and theme.

For more information, visit D’lish Catering’s website.

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