Kleb Woods Nature Preserve

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Kleb Woods Nature Preserve was a family farm, once owned by descendants of one of the early German immigrants who settled in this part of Harris County in the 1840s. The immigrant was Conrad Kleb. One of his grandsons, Edward Kleb, assembled this farm between 1904 and 1933, in three tracts, totaling 132 acres.

Elmer Kleb was born on this farm and lived here his entire life. But he never was a farmer. When Elmer inherited the farm, he stopped the farming and let the place go back to nature. He enjoyed the company of the birds and small animals. He planted trees to encourage them. Elmer Kleb never concerned himself much with mundane things like taxes. Eventually he had a very large tax bill. He probably would have been put through a forced sale but his plight attracted a lot of attention and Judge Jim Scanlan put him in receivership. The judge appointed an attorney to manage Elmer's affairs. His property was worth a lot more than he owed.

A small part of the property, well removed from the Kleb house, was opened as Kleb Woods Nature Preserve in 1994. The purchase arrangement allowed Elmer to continue living in the house and he lived there until he died. He was buried with the rest of this family in the nearby Roberts Cemetery.


  • 10 picnic sites
  • Restrooms
  • Paved parking
  • Walking trail
  • 10 camp sites

Located in Harris County (Precinct 3)


  • Acreage: 133.5
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