Lavandula Design

12662 Goar Road Houston, TX 77077 Map It
  • Address:
    12662 Goar Road
    Houston, TX 77077
  • Phone:
    (713) 589-8544

Lavandula Design is a full-service design and letterpress studio dedicated to developing themes to make each event “the party to be at”. Because weddings aren’t just about the cake, Lavandula Design works to capture the look and the feel of the event in a work of art that can be held on to in scrapbooks for years to come.

Beyond invitations, the design team also creates menus, programs, place cards and thank-you cards to add an extra-special touch to the occasion.

In addition to design, Lavandula’s also provides in-house printing which makes the invitation process an easy, one-stop process. No more going back and forth between independent designers and print shops. Once invitations are designed and printed, the shop will even address and mail them out for you.

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