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Party Parrots (CAP-Houston)

713-783-BIRD (2473)
10878 Westheimer, Suite 254 | Houston, TX 77042

Zsa Zsa's Party Parrots have been providing live trained exotic tropical birds for event promotions since 1986. Whether your event is a wedding, black tie gala, luau, quinceanera, carnivale or a pirate invasion, Party Parrots has the feathered ambassadors for you.

Expertly trained birds will greet your guests, stroll & pose for photographs. ZSA ZSA, a Moluccan Cockatoo is the star of the troupe and has been entertaining since 1983. She is known as "The Barbie Doll of the Bird World". This unique entertainment will be sure to thrill and surprise your guests, and give lots of photo opportunities.

For more information, visit Party Parrots’ website.