14027 Memorial Drive, #198 Houston, TX 77079 Map It
  • Address:
    14027 Memorial Drive, #198
    Houston, TX 77079
  • Phone:
    (281) 558-7856

Since 2001, Houston-based PenDance has helped clients commemorate life’s special occasions with fine hand calligraphy and printed design, offering many styles to suit a range of tastes and budgets.

Created by Maureen and Don Vickery, PenDance offers hand and computer calligraphy to brides, wedding consultants, stationers and caterers. The company’s services include envelope addressing, place cards and escort cards, and custom invitation design, among other offerings.

Need a special gift or thank you? PenDance can hand engrave custom messages on wine and liquor bottles or create handwritten love letters, wedding vows, marriage certificates and family tree designs.

For more information and to see samples of the company’s work, visit PenDance’s website.

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