The Chocolate Bar - Montrose

1835 W. Alabama St. Houston, TX 77098 Map It
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    1835 W. Alabama St.
    Houston, TX 77098
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Quirky candy creations made at this Montrose dessert shop are perfect for gift giving.

This store is packed with clever little novelties--cell phones, hand tools, cars--all created in luxuriously rich chocolate. Through a large window at the rear, you can look into the preparation area where all this chocolate magic is concocted. But the heart of the operation is a marvelous ice cream cooler with a dozen stunning, made-on-site flavors that use chocolate to varying degrees. Patrons stand four deep to buy these frozen treasures.

Along with the shelves lined with assorted chocolate oddities, there's also a traditional candy counter filled with by-the-piece treats, like chocolate-dipped slices of fruit and bonbons. There's even a stunning trompe l'oeil "pizza" that's so realistic, you can almost smell the pepperoni--except it's made entirely of multicolored chocolate. Also count on ever-changing displays of holiday-specific gift baskets.

After your ice cream, head next door to the sister store, Candylicious, for vintage candies and treats.

  • Featured on The Food Network's "Kid in a Candy Store" (2010).
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